'A' Level work

 I've just been rummaging through my things and I found one of my 'A' level projects. This project is certainly a keeper. It was done for 'A' level Textiles inspired by Pop art and the good old Stamford Fair using many different techniques applied on fabric. The bag is still used for my own personal use and surprisingly hasn't had any disasters yet, touch wood.

I remember at that time my mother really wanted to clear out the house, trying to get rid of the spare materials which I played with as a child. I was determined not to get rid of them so I decided to include them into this project by drawing on the fabrics with fabric pens, cutting up old balloons and platting them together and using my Beano and Dandi magazines to decorate the background of each page..

The sketchbook is like a diary to me, I used photographs of my friends and made them cartoon characters, I applied colours, words and drawings which showed exactly how I saw the Stamford fair. It was the place where I enjoyed spending time with my friends. I loved the way the place glowed during the night with many different coloured lights everywhere.

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