Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A few illustrations to keep entertained :)

Looking at my blog I have noticed that I haven't really shown much of my work apart from the wedding dress of course. I won't be showing my final collection until after the catwalk so it can be a nice surprise on the big day. Haven't got long left now.

This first illustration is one I drew from a vogue magazine in the first year emphasising the colour and pattern which I was most inspired by through Etro's clothing of autumn/winter 2009. I coloured the clothing differently to the original using the colour palette that I had chosen for the project.

These two illustrations above were my own fast designs done on a time limit and then edited on photoshop. There are many of these drawings in my sketchbook. The designs were done in preparation for the bridal competition. 

Thats all I have to show at the moment because the scanner is down and it is now the last month in finishing our outfits for the crit which has nicely been organised on my birthday so I am very busy sewing, pattern cutting, twarling again and again. Things seem to be looking positive though :) 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lincoln Cathedral

I have been lucky being brought up by my father and mother who are both artists with incredible knowledge about history. They have taken me to many historic places, museums and galleries. I learnt wonderful stories which made these places a treasure to my memories. But of all the superb locations  Lincoln Cathedral seems to always stand out.

 Even with it's gothic appearance and many gargoyles peeping out of lots of different sections it has such an amiability to it. Coming back to Lincoln from my home town Stamford is a delightful experience, especially if you were to take the Roman road which is called Ermine Street. The road supposedly runs from London to Lincoln. Before arriving in Lincoln you have a marvellous view of the cathedral probably from as far as 15 miles, maybe more. There is a brilliant entrance as you arrive in Lincoln where the whole city emerges as you drive down the South common. The Roman road continues down the high street and then up this incredibly steep hill which of course couldn't have been named anything else but "The Steep Hill". In my first year of Fashion Studies I remember the lecturer explaining where we were to go for one of our lectures only saying 'It's on the steep hill.' Of course I was dumbfounded, which steep hill? Surely there are many steep hills, but that day when I walked up that hill nothing could beat a steep hill like that. The sweat, loss of breath, feeling of being very unfit from walking up this hill magically disappeared as the cathedral appears upon your eyes when you arrive at the top.

The thought of all these pilgrims and Romans who walked miles and miles to Lincoln Cathedral to get as close to god as possible, the many years that people dedicated in building this wonderful place, with people still working on it today. The love that so many people have put into it is astonishing. It brings exuberance to the whole city. Everywhere you walk you can see it, even some of the modern buildings are designed so there is always a window looking out at it, but of course it isn't only the outside which is astonishing. The inside is even more spectacular. You could take a whole week looking at the detailing, the wonderful ways the light shines through the stain glass. Even someone who has no clue about the church feels something which is more than life its self.

Because of my love for this place I have used the detailing on the Cathedral as an influence for my Final major project. As you can see the background on this page is a repeated pattern that I have created on photoshop using imagery from the Cathedral. This pattern has been printed on fabric for the final collection.