Monday, 7 November 2011

A Sensational Sunday at the Bridal Show

A long day it was yesterday at the Bridal fair with Laura who modeled for me. She looked exquisite, wearing a charming pearl necklace resembling the detail on the front and a veil with an ivory ribbon trim and pearls on the comb complimentary with the dress. After all I had accomplished I was overjoyed by the final outcome and the commendations I had from people at the fair.

I was promised by the business I got the work placement from that I would have the wedding dress shown on the catwalk in the Bridal show, one reason why I put a lot of effort, time and money in making it. The business told me the day before the show, trying to trick me to believe that I had miss heard them from the beginning that my dress wasn’t to be shown on the catwalk and was to be walked around the fair promoted with my cards. The business acted very unprofessional purposely choosing accessories which ruined the look of the dress. In a professional manner I kept calm with them and exceeded in getting accessories which complimented the dress. I also still gave myself the opportunity to promote myself around the fair. I didn’t manage to sell the wedding dress on the day but I have been able to get some contacts and ideas in creating a business in the future. The dress is still for sale if anyone is interested.
I am now making jewellery and altering clothing for people as something to do in my free time while I’m in my third year of university. I’m going to start selling some drawings online and people will be able to pay me to draw what they want in a particular scale. This will hopefully start happening by next week. I will keep you up to date with the whole shebang.

I’ve been looking through the Spring/Summer 2012 collections recently, they look very exciting with beautiful shapes and inspiring motifs. Sarah Burton’s work in Alexander McQueen’s collection of ready-to-wear is definitely something you should imitate with sublime necklines and sensational detailing. 

It has been a very busy few weeks with lots of uni work. I am working on “Phantom of the Opera” as my theme for my negotiated project, with Baroque furnishing in mind from the marvelous Opera houses of the 1800s to the wonderful clothing by the renowned fashion designer Charles Worth. It’s gonna incorporate mysteriousness with a feeling of fear or agitation within the clothing at the same time as it being alluring and beautiful. 

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